London Gay Rugby Boys Hot New Video!

Danny Hilton
Authored by
Danny Hilton
London Correspondent
November 23, 2013
6:36 a.m.

Ever wanted to be in a room full of hot gay naked rugby players?

The world’s first and longest-running gay rugby club are the Kings Cross Steelers. Next year they’re hoping to fly to Australia to take part in the ‘Gay Rugby World Cup,’ better known as the ‘Bingham Cup.’ Gay rugby teams from all around the world meet up every two years to compete.

The guys have put together a calendar to help raise funds for accommodation, kit, and all the other expensive things that you need when taking a rugby team to the other side of the world.

They’ve got an event tonight (Saturday 23rd November) at The Black Cap, Camden, and another one of December 5th at Manbar.

Meet the players in their hot new video!


You can also check out our interview with the Steelers, here


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