London Pride: The Soho Street Party

Danny Hilton
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Danny Hilton
London Correspondent
July 3, 2013
8:35 a.m.

Well that was a weekend to remember! When I first moved to London when I was 18, Pride weekend was the highlight of my year. I’ve missed the past few years to try some other events that fall on the same day, such as the gigantic Madrid Pride and the not so gigantic Swansea Pride of my home town back in Wales. This year I was booked to perform in the heart of Soho on the Dean Street Stage! So I was back, with my awesome niece Cassie and old friend M-J as company.

Danny and Cassie (edited)

“We Are Family!” Danny Hilton and niece, Cassie

danny on stage 111

A snap of my set on the Dean Street stage, Soho

London weather can be all over the place, but we were lucky to have sunshine the entire day with just a few broken clouds – I was happy to be wearing shorts! All of Soho was closed off to traffic, with the streets becoming a giant dance floor, bar and party space.

soho 1 1 1 1

Old Compton Street

Everyone was in a good mood and the party atmosphere had even spread to the local police who were game enough to have a comedy photo with me!

Danny and Police

Allo allo allo…

After causing mischief in the streets, we decided to head up to Soho Square to sit in the sun with some beers. Soho Square is an awesome little park in the middle of Soho and it really comes alive as the party hub on pride weekend!  We met some awesome people with some fantastic costumes.

Here’s a short video of Soho Square…

And here’s a quick clip of my Calvin Harris / Macklemore mash-up!

SOHO 1111

Colourful characters in Soho Square

soho 11300330

The original ‘Cottage’ in the middle of Soho Square

Even the famous ‘Boris Bikes’ were getting in on the action as makeshift bar stools!

boris bikes 1111

London’s Boris Bikes become ‘adapted’ for the party!

As night fell, everyone was still in a party mood – with the action heading back to the bars of Old Compton Street and beyond. We had great fun with this sign!

soho night 2222

Westminster Council would have had one hell of a clean up the next day… This pile of cans and bottles is a good representation of how I was feeling the next morning too! Happy Pride everyone!

aftermath 222

Photos Danny Hilton’s own


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