Madonna Or Justin Bieber: Which One Is Kinkier?

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Guest Guyd
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March 20, 2015
6:01 a.m.

madonna-768Story Courtesy Of Queerty

As even non-fans of the Queen of Pop surely know by now, we’re smack in the middle of Madonna week on her cousin Ellen DeGeneres’ afternoon chat show. And as the classic sitcom The Facts of Life taught us, you have to take the bad with the good. In this case, Ellen’s other guest was pop’s reigning bad boy, Justin Bieber. The host asked the two to join her for a rousing game of Never Have I Ever, in which she asks who’s indulged in such shenanigans as having sex in the bathroom during a party, dating two siblings or getting kicked out a bar. (Note to Biebs: we also think you’re lying!)

As the game winds down Madge wants to keep playing and actually utters the words no one ever wanted to hear, “I feel like I’m getting to know my new boyfriend.”

[Editors note: Notice that Bieber deflects almost every question.]

Find out which is naughtier below:

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