Madonna Survives Nuclear Holocaust, Still Looks Fabulous As Fuck!

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Guest Guyd
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April 10, 2015
6:00 a.m.

Madonna Story Courtesy Of Jeremy Kinser

Madonna Queen

To paraphrase a classic comedy routine from Sandra Bernhard, after the nuclear apocalypse only the strongest of the species will survive — Madonna is still with us. But curiously, so is Terrence Howard. The two entertainers costar in the video for “Ghosttown,” the latest single from the Queen of Pop’s acclaimed album Rebel Heart. In the clip for the haunting ballad, Madonna and Howard are the only survivors of a horrifying nuclear disaster, well, besides a little boy who spies on them, so how else can they face the darkest days except dance a torrid tango among the rats and wolves and burning automobiles? And Madge, about that grill…

Check out musical mayhem below.

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