Would You Rather Mark Mahoney Or Bradley Soileau?

Robert Paulson
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Robert Paulson
GuySpy Editor
June 19, 2014
8:02 a.m.

Lana Del Rey’s new video for Shades Of Cool literally just came out but I gotta say I am kinda disappointed. I am the biggest fan of LDR that you ever did see but that doesn’t mean that I think she can do no wrong. This video felt really forced and awkward and kinda over the top but still in an apathetic way. However, I couldn’t help but noticing her new lover Mark Mahoney, the same gentleman from her West Coast video. It’s nothing new for Lana to be hooking up with an older guy after Ride and the lyrics of pretty much every song in Born To Die. I have been reading on a couple of forums and there seems to be mixed reviews as to whether or not he’s as sexy as he should be. Apparently he’s a famous tattoo artist of the stars and has inked Angelina Jolie and a bunch of other big names. That being said, do you think he’s sexy? I would love to know your guys’ thoughts. Vote below and let me know who you prefer, Mark Mahoney or her old muse Bradley Soileau?

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