Men vs. Kittens: The GuySpy Guide

Danny Hilton
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Danny Hilton
London Correspondent
January 8, 2014
5:13 a.m.

Voted one of the most popular tumblr sites of 2013, ‘Des Hommes et des Chatons‘ (Men and Kittens), is a simple, but gorgeously perrrfect concept. There’s a smoking hot guy placed next to a painfully cute kitten. Who wins? You decide. We’ve chosen some of our favourites…

The cute threesome one. Getting licked by two hot boys, or getting licked by two cute cats.


Men 1 – Kittens 0


The caped crusader one. The kitten is cuter, but that dude’s cape is to die for. Sorry puss.


Men 2 – Kittens 0


The ‘Question?’ one. That guy is hot, but that furry ginger bundle of cuteness is just too much. He’s raising his paw/arm! And that face!


Men 2 – Kittens 1


The gym one. This is a tough call. The dude is totally gorgeous, but this kitten has made an effort with the sweatband and all. Draw.


Men 3 – Kittens 2


The Car Pose. Clear winner here. Sorry kitty, but having a cute face is great, sure, but you can’t beat a tattooed, messy-haired adonis in a towel perched on a vintage Volvo in boots.


Men 4 – Kittens 3


The smiley one. Man looks a bit itchy. Kitten looks like he’s saying ‘FUCK YEAHHHH!’ Kitten wins.


Men 4 – Kittens 4


The Disney one. He’s a beauty. She’s a cutie. As much as I’d love to rip that mouse hat off him and snog his face off, she has a little bow with sparkles and just needs a BIG CUDDLE.


Men 4 – Kittens 5

The shower one. This man looks like husband material. Kitty looks a bit smug. And nobody likes a smug, wet, pussy.



Men 5 – Kittens 5


It’s a draw! Who do you think should win?

Choose your favourite dude/kitten and leave a comment below.



Inactive User
Inactive User
8 years, 6 months ago

My fav was the Car Pose/Men.