Movie Guyd: Did “Jurassic Park” Evolve in 3D?

Jay Catterson
Authored by
Jay Catterson

April 7, 2013
8:42 p.m.

The digital dinosaurs are back! The groundbreaking dino blockbuster Jurassic Park is celebrating its 20th anniversary (OMG, has it really been 20 years? Whoa, time flies!), and Steven Spielberg and the crew at Universal Studios have given this thrill ride of a flick the 3D treatment, along with a full digital restoration. So does this three-dimensional reissue warrant a revisit to Jurassic Park, or is this refresh a cheap gimmick to devour your dollars? Read on!

The Good: Wow! This film looks amazing! It was like this film was meant to be in 3D from the get-go. From the opening scenes to the end of the movie, the 3D effect gives this movie an overall feeling of depth and realism; it’s like looking at the original film with a new pair of lenses after wearing the wrong prescription for 20 years. The film restoration is gorgeous, with the beautiful jungle scenery looking so stunningly lush and the dinosaurs looking more real than they ever did (and they looked so lifelike back in 1993!). JP3D just sparkles!

This movie is meant to be seen in a theater. It was so great to relive the spectacle on the big screen with booming, digital surround sound. And I’ve totally forgotten how frightening this movie can be! There are truly terrifying moments, and I found my heart racing full throttle at times.

The Gay: Sexy Jeff Goldblum. The infamous scene where a wounded Dr. Ian Malcolm is laying atop a table with his bare chest showing through his shirt, glistening in sweat, is so silly, yet ever so sexy. Especially in 3D. Delicious.

Sam Neill as paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant still looks dreamy as ever, and the late Bob Peck as raptor hunter Robert Muldoon looks wooftacularly daddylicious sporting sexy safari gear, complete with tight, short sleeves and rolled up khaki shorts. Talk about legs like whoa!

And wow, Laura Dern looked fab in 1993, rocking that paleobotanist-chic garb as Dr. Ellie Satler. She was sportin some sexy stems there! Legs for days, I tell ya! Fierce!

The Bad: None. It’s the dino flick that we loved back then, and is even more loveable now that the cheesy scenes and lines have become so ingrained in pop culture that they’ve amassed a cult following. Anything bad about the film has evolved over time to sheer enjoyable greatness!

The Fugly: It’s not so much fugly as it is funny, but those ’90s technology references such as CD-ROMs and UNIX systems are so cringeworthy, they’re hilarious. (I dread the day my nephews ask me what a CD-ROM is…).

Has Jurassic Park evolved, or should it go extinct? All you Jurassic Park fans should crack open your original 1993 JP raptor coin banks and cash in those pennies for a ticket and a pair of 3D glasses; it’s a definite walk down memory lane, and you’ll be cheering at all the great moments in the film. If you’ve been living in the Stone Age and haven’t seen this iconic movie yet, quit being such a dinosaur and get your butt to the cineplex! If you have any younger siblings, nephews, nieces, sons, and daughters who can handle scary movies (it is PG-13 after all), take them on a magical journey back in time where dinosaurs ruled the box office. And with this 3D refresh, history definitely deserves to repeat itself. GO SEE IT!

The Grade: A


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