Movie Guyd: Skyfall Reaches Lofty Heights

Jay Catterson
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Jay Catterson

November 14, 2012
3:39 a.m.

Another year, another Bond movie. Well, not just any Bond movie, but one to mark the franchise’s 50th anniversary. Daniel Craig is back as the titular hero, kicking butt in the name of her Majesty. Does Skyfall reach new heights, or does it sink? Read on!

The Good: Wow. Can I say everything? This Bond instalment is killer! The acting, the storyline, the character development, the cinematography, the action sequences, Craig’s wardrobe… All wonderful. Plus, the chemistry between Judi Dench’s M and Craig’s Bond is so magically compelling you’d be silly to miss this flick.

The Bad: Not much to say here. I’ll just skip this section.

The Gay: There’s a lot of shirtless Craig! And when he’s fully clothed, he’s so sexy in those tailored suits. He just oozes classic Bond hotness.

And Javier Bardem has an amazing scene where his villainous character, Silva, takes full advantage of having Bond firmly in his “clutches,” so to speak. (Did Bond just allude to having a previous gay encounter? Did I hear that correctly?)

In addition, the new Q, played by the boyishly handsome Ben Wishaw (Cloud Atlas, Brideshead Revisited), gives the franchise a healthy dose of hot geek chic.

The Fugly: Sometimes Craig’s guyliner is frightening. Seriously. Give him a better makeup artist!

A license to kill, or does this Bond fall from the sky? This instalment is a worthy celebration of Bond’s 50th anniversary. For longtime 007 fans or newbies to the franchise, Skyfall definitely deserves repeat viewings. It’s that good. Now if you can only get a ticket to see it in theaters!

The Grade: A


Anonymous User
Aaron88 (Guest)
9 years, 8 months ago

This is the sexiest BOND ever!!!

Anonymous User
J (Guest)
9 years, 8 months ago

Really? Them dusting off the bad 80s trope of the “gay villain” might not qualify as “The Bad”?

Anonymous User
aj-mcallister (Guest)
9 years, 7 months ago

this movie was so awesome! Fricken love it! I wanna be as cool as James Bond! minus the killing and random sex 😛