Naked Alexander Skarsgard Proves Just How Hot He Is

Aristotle Eliopoulos
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Aristotle Eliopoulos
Pop Culture Guyd!
January 8, 2014
6:10 p.m.

alexander-skarsgard-goes-naked-at-the-south-pole-photo-01 (1)

There really is no denying  how hot Alexander Skarsgard is. Like, remember when the Swedish hunk went full-frontal naked on True Blood, and the Internet exploded (and my hunch also believes, about half a million or so gay men, as well)? Now we have scientific proof that the man is so sexy and hot that he doesn’t even need to wear clothes in the most frigid of temperatures – and you can’t deny science! Take a look of a naked Skarsgard enjoying a good read in the South Pole. That’s right, the man is just nude in the middle of the Arctic landscape, and he feels nothing! Now in our next set of challenges, can the man fry an egg on those chiseled abs of his? If you science guys need any volunteers for that experiment, I’ll be happy to donate my time.

Also, since science is all about proving your hypothesis, I thought I’d further substantiate my research with some more proof. Like for example, this:

Screenshot 2014-01-08 20.37.36


And then this:



And then of course, this one as well. I took the liberty of cropping out Anna Paquin (you’re welcome):


And if we need video evidence to conclude, we have the above mentioned finale scene from True Blood in which a very naked Eric also enjoys a book naked in a cold climate. Who says life doesn’t imitate art?


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