National Coming Out Day

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October 10, 2017
1:47 p.m.

Here at GuySpy we believe that Coming Out should not be necessary. Why should we have to Come Out? Unfortunately this is tied in with society and norms. But wait! Our sexual orientation is just a tiny part of who we are but that definitely doesn’t defy us as individuals, instead, there are other things that define us as humans. For instance, personality plays a huge role on who we are, after all, who likes someone with an ugly personality? Don’t take us wrong here, we know how important (self acceptance) and difficult it is to Come Out! Coming out is something that we all do at some point in our lives and it is not always easy – it may be easier for some but not all. Sadly, in some parts of the world this is still a taboo which makes coming out even more difficult. If you haven’t come out yet you must be wondering: how do I do it? When do I do it? How are people going to react? Will they still love me? These are some very difficult questions to have the right answer to so we thought that it would be best to post 5 videos of famous people coming out and let them tell you their stories:

1. Rhodes Brothers – Twins come out to dad

2. Ryan Jordan Santana – Gay baseball player comes out to his teammates

3. Jackson Krecioch – Comes out on YouTube

4. Tom Daley – Comes out in heartfelt video

5. Joey Graceffa – Yes I’m gay!

Always remember that you should never be ashamed of who you like, instead you should embrace it and always be true to yourself. Love yourself, be proud, be happy!


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