November Man of the Month: Joseph Odorisio’s Italian Angles

David Toussaint
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David Toussaint
New York Guyd/Features Writer
November 1, 2011
6:48 p.m.

It may be the month of turkey and fixin’s, but we’re going all Italian on your ass.

Twenty-one-year-old Joseph Odorisio, an ex-hairdresser, an ex-police student, and a current “I’ll take seconds, please,” grew up in Montreal, and, like so many descendent from the Old Country, grew up in a duplex with his parents on one floor and his grandparents on the other.

“My family is very traditional,” says Joseph. “My parents were working, so I learned Italian from my grandparents. They’d pick me up from school. I was with them all the time until I hit my teen years.”


When Joseph flew the Canadian coop a couple of years ago, he headed to New York, where (surprise!) people suggested modeling. A breakup led him to L.A., someone took some more modeling shots, and the looking glass became his friend.

“People started writing about me on blogs,” says Joseph. “I thought, ‘Wow, this is amazing. I look pretty good.’ It was kind of a fluke.” 

If that sounds cocky, it’s meant to. At 18, this Beauty was his own worst Beast. “I used to be bulimic,” he says. “I would not eat anything near the daily requirement. I felt fat; a-hundred-and-thirty-five pounds at five-ten. I would do exercises to the point where I was exhausted, and then throw up. I became anemic.”

Joseph says that he didn’t go to clubs or bars back then, that he didn’t talk to people much, and that he didn’t like the way he looked. “I had a lot of skin problems. I thought people were staring at my pimples, not me.”

Even his brief stint at cop-dom was an escape from the party crowd. A lot has changed, inside and out. “Now I think I’m the shit—you have to be confident.”

Among the guys who also think he’s the shit is Mike Ruiz, who photographed Joseph for the Pretty Masculine book. And I’m guessing about a million other dudes. “People say, ‘I don’t have a body like you, so you won’t like me,’” says Joseph. “They don’t have to have a great body. I’m a lover boy; I’m really into relationships and love. I like to stick to one person.”

And his family. “You don’t really know who your friends are, except my family,” says Joseph, whose parents own the hair salon where he worked. “I’m really close to my brother and sister. My life is one big social media network. Everybody wants something from you.”

With a guy like this, it’s hard not to beg for just one more slice. yes


November’s Man of the Month: Joseph Odorisio. 


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