RainbowLaces: Footballers Lace Up To Fight Homophobia (VIDEO)

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September 15, 2014
6:00 a.m.

output_B6l90eRainbowLaces Story Courtesy Of Annie Hollenbeck

UK footballers are embracing their differences and battling homophobia this weekend by bringing back their RainbowLaces campaign. According to the British LGBT rights organization Stonewall, “seven in 10 fans have witnessed homophobia on the terraces and 43 percent believe football is an antigay sport.”

In addition to releasing this fun video featuring footballers like Theo Walcott and the self-described “gorgeous” Olivier Giroud, Stonewall is asking fans to get involved in the campaign by using the hashtag RainbowLaces and donating to become a Friend of Stonewall.

Last year, players from 52 teams sported rainbow-colored shoelaces and more than impressions were made on 300,000 Twitter. The goal is to continue to raise awareness and battle homophobia in football, in the hopes of encouraging an openly gay active professional player.

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