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Jorge Gallegos
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Jorge Gallegos
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October 12, 2012
5:34 p.m.

Since I couldn’t resist the sexiness of our last, hairy, all-muscle “Real Guy” Sparxxxie, I decided to stay in Chicago using GuySpy Travel Mode and chat with some other studs.

I’m impressed by the quantity and the quality of the boys up in The Windy City. Chicago is not only home of 2,695,598 people, but, without a doubt, the hottest guys too.

All of them have something in common: an edge to their looks and/or personality. But the thing that gets my FULL attention is the tight, muscular, and hairy bodies they carry with pride. Going through my grid is like watching an episode of Where the Bears Are or a casting call for Bear City Part Duex, and I’m totally digging it.

So much so that I just booked my trip to the city. What better way to spend my birthday (coming up November 8 ) – I take credit/debit cards, Paypal, checks, etc 😉 – than by visiting all the hotties I’ve been talking to.

One of them, Klause, today’s Real Guy — who already asked me out for a drink — is sweet, yet attractive and kinky; three important things on my checklist. Hence, I’m looking forward to our date. Anyway, enough of me: Let’s see what he has to say!

Guyspy Profile Name: Klause

Age: 28

Location: Chicago

1. What do you like the most about GuySpy app? I find the GuySpy app more friendly then some of the other gay social tools out there. The crowd is a little more diverse, and I love having access to several pictures at once so you can see (or not see) who you are actually talking to.

2. How would you describe your perfect guy? I like my men like I like my drinks, tall and strong. My perfect guy is handsome, but also not afraid to let the more adventurous and geeky side show as well. I find guys who are always pouting and posing a little intimidating, so I like to see someone who doesn’t take themselves or life too seriously. Having a job and a gym membership gets you bonus points.

3. What’s the craziest place you ever had sex? Tell us about it. In the bushes at an abandoned fort on the island of Bermuda with a Romanian Masseuse.  I was there, working on a cruise, and I met him on the island, but working on a different ship. Neither of us could go to the other one’s ship cabin so we had to make do with the island. We ended up crossing paths a few times there and always found a different place to bang, but that first time was definitely the hottest and craziest (if I’m not counting that three-way with those Australian Navy dudes)!

You had me at “headband.”

4. What’s your dirty little secret? I love being dominated by men who are bigger than me, and I’m no small dish myself (sometimes bigger is better). I also keep a running account of all the dudes I’ve hooked up with, and rate the experience 1-10.

5. Who would you say is a good role model (straight or gay, female or male) for the gay community? Why? Well, recently we found out that Sally Ride was gay, and no matter her sexuality, she is an icon for American history, culture, also for women’s rights, and now gay rights. For decades we have respected Sally for all that she has accomplished, and what a poignant statement that after she has passed we also find she was a lesbian, showing the importance for respect, support, and equality for the gay community (and what we might accomplish) and how we are allowed to be open about who we are.

How could I say no to this?

Public sex & domination? Seems like the perfect date. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!  Just one more thing: I’m stealing his rating idea, therefore expect a complete report after my trip.

Jorge Gallegos

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