Reigen On Dolly, Drugs, and Britney B****

Connor Sobolik
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Connor Sobolik

December 23, 2013
10:23 a.m.

tumblr_mtr8kuXI8E1rg2aoto1_500I get the feeling that Reigen has no idea what is so special about his music. It’s almost as if he has no idea just how different his approach to pop really is. Much like Lorde and a few other artists popping up all over the place, he is trying not to take himself too seriously, and it’s that quality that makes his tracks stick. While his music is still pop, and maybe even electronic, it still feels stripped down, raw, and real.

On his inspirations. 

I’m really inspired by New York’s past and present. Especially ’70s and ’80s New York. It comes out in my music a lot.

I’m a big dreamer. I really love that kind of top 40 music. I am that person in the club who is like “Please, please play some Britney!” I really just wanna dance to what I have heard on the radio. I will practise and be like “I have got some moves and I’ma put ‘em down on the floor!” You know when you hear that song and everyone screams “This is my jam” and they run to the floor? I thought it was just such a good experience and wanted to add my own catalyst for that. So I started making my own music.

On E. 

I guess in that way I am a real goody-goody because I have never done [E]. I really want to try it. I guess I am afraid of what would happen. That line was just really a joke.

I can get really into my head. I get these moments where I can kind of feel what it would be like to be out and like escaping. You go to this club and you’ve got this beauty all over and glitter and fashion. [The song] is not really about E, it’s about freedom and letting go. It’s about finding my time to let go and sort of explore myself in a new way.

I was, like, I have this little light that changes colours a lot and I have this camera. I could put my boxers on. I was, like, what else can I do? So I put these little bits together. It’s inspired by memes and gifs. It’s definitely not too serious.

On his Dolly Parton cover. 

I love Dolly Parton. It’s more like, why not Dolly Parton? I have been a big, big fan of hers. She actually wrote this book and I laughed and cried my whole way through it. I really love how kind she is and just so fun loving. I’m really inspired by her.

I wanted to change a few lines in the song and sing it back to her. I wanted to give it a bit of an edge and make it not too serious. She is a slippery slope for me. After having this conversation I will probably go and watch YouTube videos of her interviews for hours.

Reigen is currently working on a couple of tracks and if you follow him on any of his pages below you will be the first to know.


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