Robbie Paulson’s Weekly Fuck Playlist: “gold dust fukkr”

Robert Paulson
Authored by
Robert Paulson
GuySpy Editor
September 19, 2014
6:00 a.m.

output_kqmkZUBitches and witches be warned cuz halloween is right around the corner and this carnal fucker loves a good fright. If you have been following my weekly fucklists for a while you know I love a good twitchy witchy fuck track and this weeks list is full of ’em. Half of me wants to title these bad boys 420/absinthe fucklists because that surely helps enhance these sick beats. That being said if you can find the right fucker you won’t need any of that shit. I started with a little dub inspired remixes and things went all strings from there. Now all that’s left for you to do is grab a guy and get ready to do some experimenting. I have heard this works as a pick up line: “GuySpy has a boss ass fuck playlist I gotta try, wanna be my plus one?”

Enjoy this weeks Robbie Paulson special, brought to you by yours truly, Robbie Paulson.

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