SIA: Here Is Sia’s Third Music Video Featuring Maddie Ziegler

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April 3, 2015
6:00 a.m.

Story Courtesy Of Ellie Shechet

sia-leadSia shared the video for “Big Girls Cry,” from last year’s 1000 Forms of Fear, her third consecutive video featuring 12-year-old Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler.

Maddie Ziegler is a hugely talented dancer, and her ability to radically externalize every ounce of emotion in these songs is astonishing. The video, directed by Sia and Daniel Askill, doesn’t feature too much actual dancing this time around—mostly just face wiggling and silent screams—but her uninhibited fervor keeps things interesting.

That said, I’m kind of over this whole schtick Sia keeps feeding us. And what the fuck’s gonna happen to Maddie Ziegler when everyone else loses interest, too? Sure, one can argue that Dance Moms already shoved her into the public eye. Maybe Ziegler’s stint as Sia’s baby alter-ego will propel her into the big leagues for good, rescuing her from a world of TLC specials and depressing mall tours. Even so, what will this universal recognition cost her? Where would I be today if at the age of 12, millions of people watched me grapple with Shia LaBeouf in a giant birdcage?

One of my coworkers, whose name also starts with Maddie, strongly disagrees with my opinions on this matter. Where do you stand?

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Inactive User
7 years, 1 month ago

Funny how you’re always going to find that person hating on somebody for their success.