Survivor: “Gay Christian” Couple Will Bless Upcoming “Survivor” Season

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August 30, 2014
6:00 a.m.

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Casting directors for the upcoming season of Survivor must hate the show’s viewers, because they’ve decided to cast a pair of Broadway-dancing, self-proclaimed “Christian boyfriends” to talk about their Christian relationship for the duration of the show’s upcoming season.

31-year-old Joshua Canfield is a Christian, and has appeared in Broadway’s “Wicked”. 31-year-old Reed Kelly is also a Christian, and has appeared in Broadway’s “Spider-Man”, though you probably recognize him as Clay Aiken’s ex-boyfriend. Both are Christian.

Canfield and Kelly, both Christian, talk about how Christianity is the foundation of their relationship in their first teaser clip for the show below. “Staying out of leadership positions” is their strategy for winning the show, which they probably haven’t heard revolves around winning leadership and furthering yourself by fighting for leadership positions.

But who needs to be a leader when you’re following the Almighty Leader above, right boys?

Check out the couple’s first on-camera interview below. Did we mention they’re both Christian?

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