Talent Guyd: Atila Marquez

Danny Hilton
Authored by
Danny Hilton
London Correspondent
October 7, 2012
5:58 p.m.

In the first of our new series on talent, Danny Hilton speaks to Barcelona-based photographer Atila Marquez. Born in Venezuela, where he lived until his mid 20s, Atila spent 15 years in New York City before he moved to Barcelona three years ago.

When did you start taking pictures, and how would you describe your style?

I started doing photos back in NYC as a hobby; I taught myself and experimented for years with my gay friends. I guess that made me a “gay photographer” doing sexy portraits, and this has become my style.

What do you love/hate about photo shoots?

The same thing that I hate is the thing that I also love the most! Things can go either way. I meet most of my models for the first time on the same day of the photo shoot. This is very exciting, but at the same time things can sometimes be terrible. There is always some nervousness and excitement when working with someone new, and I love getting to know the model through the session. I’ve been told that I’m very trustworthy, and that I make models feel at ease, which is great. But other times (rarely), I just can’t connect and it can turn out to be a big mess!

What do you most like to photograph?

I enjoy taking photos of people the most. I am very bad with landscapes, objects, or anything else.

Who do you most like to take photos of?

I like to photograph guys that are happy and secure with themselves. Then sexiness comes naturally.

What kind of guys do you go for?

I like guys who are unique, who posses a very defined style on their own; not a copy of any trend. Awesome eyes, talented and creative somehow, too. I’m not too concerned how he looks. Personality and common interests are more important.

Check out Atila’s facebook page for more of his great photos.



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Not a close friend, but Atila is one of the nicest guys in the world – just sayin’
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