Teacher Compares LGBT-Inclusive Curriculum To Teaching Crack Use (From The Advocate)

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July 30, 2013
6:04 p.m.
Story Courtesy of The Advocate
cocainex400Ira Thomas says the National Education Association’s stance in favor of LGBT-inclusive curricula is like ‘teaching people about how to use crack.’

A teacher and pastor from South Carolina said that teaching LGBT-inclusive curricula in public schools was just like teaching students how to use crack on a recent episode of conservative Sandy Rios’ radio show, reports ‘Right Wing Watch.

Rios, an associate of the American Family Association, invited Ira Thomas as a special guest on her program Monday. The episode focused on criticizing LGBT-inclusive curricula, which has been adopted by the National Education Association.

Thomas, who was a recent attendee of the NEA convention in Atlanta, claimed he has been “accused of hating” because he opposed the “indoctrination plans” the NEA is putting into practice.

“To me it’s like teaching people about how to use crack,” Thomas told Rios. “It’s a dangerous game to play on.”

Rios took Thomas’s comments one step further, not only claiming that the NEA is indoctrinating children, but that the organization was “the reason why this culture has been slouching toward Gomorrah.”

Listen to excerpt from the radio show below.

By Jase Peeples


Anonymous User
Doug (Guest)
8 years, 9 months ago

Really? We are so above this. That woman needs to wakeup and see what generation we are living in.

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mark (Guest)
8 years, 9 months ago

I agree with her on the indoctrination, they are trying to create a majority bi/homosexual population by doing these sorts of social engineering techniques. There is nothing wrong with people genuinely being gay or finding out they are gay/bi. The problem comes when you ram it down impressionable children’s throats it actually becomes indoctrination and tempting of a mind that would have had no interest prior. Let a being become what they want to naturally not create a situation. This is an agenda to pacify the populace whilst destroy both gender and class in one with the thinking of the Uranian and third sex. Just all an aid to the future society desired for the world government socialist system. A system where births must be controlled in order to have a perfect socialism system which works. Study the likes of Bertrand Russell etc