Tom Daley: 25 Times Tom Daley Wore Speedo Better Then Everyone Else

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November 23, 2014
6:01 a.m.

Story Courtesy Of Alexander Kirk

The truth hurts, but I’m here to bring the hard-hitting facts — Tom Daley can wear a Speedo better than any and all of us on the planet. Let’s accept it, let’s move on, and let’s admire the beast in his natural habit. Here are 25 times Tom Daley slays the speedo.

1. That time he wore a speedo and didn’t at the same time.


2. Every. 


3. Single.


4. Time.


5. He showered at the 2012 Olympics.

6. That time he wore a speedo that looked like diaper and still pulled it off.


7. That time this guy had our dream job. 


8. That time he was really cold…


9. But posed perfectly to hide any shrinkage.


10. That time he wasn’t in a speedo but got caught looking at one (which is almost the same thing).

11. That time he walked around his bedroom nonchalantly while we ripped our hair out in excitement.


12. That time he told us to go deep – and boy did we ever.


13. That time he ripped off his clothes – exactly how we fantasized it to happen.


14. The time he was wet without being in the water.


15. Every time the lighting hit him just right.



17. That time strange people slapped cheese on his body and we weren’t even mad about it.


18. That time it seemed as though at any moment a wardrobe malfunction could happen. 


19. That time he pulled off a bikini-cut bottom.


20. Every time he dives and somehow his speedo stays on.

21. Every time he dives and somehow his speedo comes off.


22. Every time he adjusts himself to fill the speedo just right.


23. That time he looked like this and we still forgave him.


24. That time we deemed this a paper speedo because it was too good not to include.


25. That time he emerged from the water like a sea nymph and did this catastrophic feat of upper body strength.

If you still need more Tom, there’s plenty of pics [in the articles below.]

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