Tom Daley: Do His Dance Moves Scream Bottom Or Top?

Robert Paulson
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Robert Paulson
GuySpy Editor
October 3, 2014
6:00 a.m.

Hey boys, Robbie your editor here! When I saw this online I just had to share it with you. Yeah I am totally against stereotyping but in the name of fun and humour here goes nothing!

Story Courtesy Of Ross Von Metzke

Yesterday, we ran an article which asked the question — can you really tell if a guy is a top or a bottom solely based on the way he dances?

We’d like to think it was really that simple — it sure would make hooking up a lot easier — but we’re a bit skeptical.

So decided to put it to an unscientific tests using GIFs of one of our favorite dancing queens — Olympic diver Tom Daley.

Whether he’s on the beach, on a talk show or on a trampoline, Daley clearly loves to move to the music. Based on his dance moves, what do you think? Is Tom Daley a top or a bottom?

Let us know in the comments below.

He’s a decent stripper. 

He can back it up. 

He’s limber. 

He dips it low and brings it up slow. 

He puts his back into it. 

Clearly, he has moves. 

He can dance like a bro. 

His bottoms are the first to go. 

What do you boys think? VOTE!

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