Tony Moran’s Moonstruck Magic

David Toussaint
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David Toussaint
New York Guyd/Features Writer
October 18, 2013
10:02 a.m.

Since Tony Moran travels nonstop around the globe, DJ-ing at clubs and at parties and pretty much everywhere the fabulous hang out and want to dance to one of the most famous music makers in the world, there was one question that topped my list, above asking about mixing for Madonna, Miley, or Michael.

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“To write love songs and not experience love would be an oxymoron,” says New York native Moran on managing a romantic life on his schedule. “I date people who understand travel. They come and meet me or I go and meet them. It has worked; it is difficult. You make albums, you do tours, then you do whatever you want in between.”

“One year I did about eighty-four cites,” he adds. “It does affect you. I don’t stay in a city long unless I have friends there.”


Lucky for us, Moran has lots of friends and lots of love in The Big Apple, and he’ll be here to host the Halloween party “DESTINATION: FULL MOON,” at XL Nightclub, on October 25. According to Moran, “This event will be a thriller like no other. We will whisk clubbers on a cosmic journey into the dark night.

“I want to be able to give you a Tony Moran experience, which is sexy, dark in patches, as people are coasting and feeling; I can sense that.”

Holy Smokin Hot DJ!

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While Moran says he’s not a control freak, he does maintain that, for a party this spectacular, you have to be hands-on. “I want to make sure people are getting their drinks, that the sound is in tune with security. That the decorations aren’t overdone or underdone. I don’t want to worry about if the bathroom line is too long or why the lights are too bright. This way I can go and worry about being the DJ.”

Moran continues with, what sounds like an analogy, but might actually be literal considering the venue. “I build the furniture and all these people come in and make sure it’s in the right place.”

“I bring the library of Congress of music, because I don’t know what I may come up with,” says Moran. “The theme of the full moon… the freaks come out at night during a full moon. We’re going to provide dressing around you. I have the meat, but that could instantly take a turn to the left depending on what the crowd is like.”

A hint of moonstruck mystery is perfect for a Halloween show, but one guarantee is Moran’s unveiling of the official dance remix for Cher’s new single, “Take It like a Man.”

Says Moran on mixing the mastress: “The song was already an up-tempo dance song, which made it so easy. I did it with a lot of love and care. Everything she’s giving to the world is to let us know that she’s out there and she’s giving it with her heart. She is a powerhouse. She likes to have fun.”

So does Moran. “I’m really happy that New York has shown their support for me doing something that is different. It’s not a vanity piece: I’m into this.”


Destination: Full Moon starts at 11 p.m. at XL Nightclub (512 W. 42nd Street) and ends when the ghouls go home. There will be a special live performance by nightlife superstar Flava. Tickets are available now at and


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