Music Guyd: The Top 10 Dubstep Remixes

Connor Sobolik
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Connor Sobolik

January 10, 2013
7:04 p.m.

Dubstep is possibly the most stirring genre to move the bodies of our youthful generation since the invention of the drum kit. This emerging niche is an intoxicating demonstration of music and its ability to absorb listeners. While the genre is typically associated with a steam punk club scene, we are beginning to see more and more mainstream artists tiptoe toward this body-shaking showcase of reinvented beats (Example: Taylor Swift). Granted, dubstep isn’t for everyone: It is basically house music infused with electronica on steroids. And it will blow your mind.

While each of the songs on this list deserves special recognition, it takes more than an awesome beat to make it to number 1.

Plug in your headphones, crank up the volume, and get ready to be taken on a journey that will change the way you hear music forever.

Number 10.

PeaceTreaty: “Wonderland “– Natalia Kills

No one is a bigger fan of Natalia Kills then I, but this version of the song puts her original to shame. While both tracks are exceptional, it is the overwhelming power of this DJ’s remixing that makes it a masterpiece.

Number 9.

PRFFTT & Svyable: “I Knew You Were Trouble” – Taylor Swift

Abandon all your reservations about this poppy princess before you hit play. If you can push yourself to forget about the frizzy-haired hang nail that is Taylor Swift then you might just love this beat. It holds some of the blond’s original buoyancy while still becoming something entirely new.

Number 8.

Chrispy: “Rude Boy” – Rihanna

Rihanna released this single ages ago, apparently to make mothers of preteen daughters gasp (snore). However, this remix sheds a redeeming light on this otherwise placid track.

Number 7.

Trill Bass and E Dubbs: “Fireflies” – Owl City

While I find the music of Owl City rather simple even on the best of days, this remastering makes it far more than bearable. His voice has already been ravaged with auto-tune, so this song merely proves there is no harm in a second coat. If you like a good beat you will love this remix!

Number 6.

Bassnectar: “Lights” – Ellie Goulding

Whether you are an Ellie Goulding fan or not, you will never be able to listen to the original after hearing this fist pumper. Be it the nature of her voice or simply her subject matter, she is the perfect candidate for the antics of the genre.

Number 5.

16bit: “Toxic” – Yael Naim

We all love a good bit of Britney, but she never did it like this. Yael Naim may have created this magical rendition of the classic track from our tween years, but 16bit took it one step further. This is the perfect soundtrack to a new love affair, or the closing to the perfect evening.

Number 4.

Marina and the Diamonds: Primadonna – RoughMath

Marina’s almost operatic voice is a strange pairing for the hard-hitting dubstep kicks, yet for some reason it works. “Primadonna” is already an amazing song, but this remix is even better. If you love this track then look up other dubstep versions of her tunes.

Number 3.

Skrillex: “In for the Kill” – La Roux

Arguably the face of all things dubstep, it is Skrillex who made the genre what it is today. We all love La Roux, but she didn’t stand a chance going up against this man. While the very tame original may get you on your feet, it’s the mighty force of the bass that will get your head bobbing and your body moving.

Number 2.

Chase and Status: “Heartbeat” – Nneka

If you didn’t hear this song before it went through the transformation, then you won’t recognize that it was great to begin with! However, Chase and Status managed to stay true to the foundational vibe while merely turning the intensity way up. You can even feel your heart beat matching the rhythm.

Number 1.

Adventure Club: “Crave You” – Flight Facilities

What separates a good dubtrack from a great one is its ability to intensify its highs by celebrating its lows. You should follow a roller coaster of rhythms that will push and pull you. This song performs this task of suspension beautifully, making it number 1. Granted, you have probably never heard of Flight Facilities, and after hearing this version maybe you never should.

Did we miss your favourite dubstep remix? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Anonymous User
Mitchell23 (Guest)
9 years, 5 months ago

I freaking love dubstep! like so so so sooo much! shame there couldn’t be more skrillex but whatever. also i don’t like that tay swift sounds even more poppy in the remix. but wahtevver. I love love love the last song though! I have it on repeat! AMAAAAZING!

Anonymous User
K (Guest)
9 years, 1 month ago

Excellent mix in my opinion!
Maybe in a few more months we could get an update?
Thanks so much! =)

Anonymous User
Mike (Guest)
9 years, 1 month ago

What teen girl made this top ten list?! This isn’t even Dubstep!!!! Skrillex “the face of dubstep, made the genre what it is today” gimme a freakin’ break, he single handedly ruined Dubstep!!! Theonly song on the list I would even consider Dubstep is Flight Facility – Crave You and it is distant…..

Anonymous User
Oliver Bennett (Guest)
7 years, 11 months ago

You are a fucking moron. Taylor swift? Skrillex?! NO! How about Zomboy? seven lions? sandblast? Seriosuly. This is some pussy ass shit. Worst list of so called “dubstep” ive ever seen. All your shit is generic