Top 21 Best Gay Comic Book Kisses!

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August 15, 2014
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Story Courtesy Of Brian Anderson / A Brief History Of Gay Comic Book Kisses

Up until 25 years ago Gay characters were not allowed in mainstream comics thanks to the now-defunct Comics Code Authority. Since the ban was lifted in 1989, readers have been treated to a growing number of on-panel same-sex romance and love. From the bizarre to the beautiful, we take a look at a few of our favorite same-sex smooches throughout comic book history.

Monsieur Mallah and The Brain in Doom Patrol #34

Monsieur Mallah is a talking gorilla terrorist and The Brain is an evil brain in a robot body. Odd doesn’t begin to cover this pairing, but they’re both male, so we’re counting it.

Starman and Tony in Starman #45

Blue-skinned Starman and his lover Tony smacked lips on panel, but the kiss was only visible as a shadow. Stupid shadows.

Bloke and his unnamed boyfriend in X-Force #118

Pink mutant Bloke tenderly said goodbye to his boyfriend before joining and dying in his first and only X-Force mission. This was the first same-sex kiss in an X-title and the poor character bites the big one? Lame.

Apollo and Midnighter in The Authority #29

Cheers to the first gay wedding depicted in mainstream comics, which was capped off by a cheery smooch.

Obsidian and Damon Mathews in Manhunter #18

The shadow-powered superhero Obsidian and Damon Mathews, a normal legal eagle, shared a lip-to-lip goodbye moment. It was a surprising kiss that’s followed by a postcoital bedroom scene in the next issue.

Grace Choi and Thunder in The Outsiders v.3 #46

Grace Choi, the half-Amazonian powerhouse, and Thunder, the daughter of civil rights icon Black Lightning, dated inThe Outsiders comic book series. And went lip-to-lip along with being depicted in bed together.

Xavin and Lucy in the Sky in Runaways v3: Dead Wrong

As a shape-shifting alien Skrull Xavin first appeared as a male. But the transgender character could be any race and gender she chose. But to woo her betrothed, the lesbian Lucy in the Sky, Xavin embraced a female form.

Phyla-Vell & Moondragon in See Guardians of the Galaxy #12

The second female Captain Marvel and the bald, telepathic Moondragon were not only once members of the Guardians of the Galaxy, but we got to see these hot and heavy lovers smooch in outer space.

Buffy and Satsu in Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight #12

The Vampire Slayer herself had a brief tryst with another slayer-in-training. Sure there was plenty of online chatter, but aside from the general surprise over Buffy’s sexual fluidity the media seemed to embrace the affair.

Shatterstar and Rictor in X-Factor vol. 2 #45

The other-dimensional Shatterstar and the bisexual Rictor leaped into each other’s arms and lips the moment they were reunited after being years apartShatterstar’s creator Rob Liefeld bemoaned the homosexuality of his “masculine gladiator” hero. Shatterstar and Rictor continued their romance despite the complaints.

Daken and Hawkeye in Dark Wolverine #84

Wolervines’s bisexual, sociopathic son uses sex as a weapon and has hooked up with men and women with joyful abandon. He once locked lips with Hawkeye (aka Bullseye). Sadly this was a “what if” fantasy crafted by the magical Asgardian Fates.

Northstar and Kyle Jinadu in Astonishing X-Men #48

It only took about 30 years for the Canadian mutant speedster to achieve his first on-panel kiss . One Million Moms, however, was not exactly happy for them. Their attempt at a boycott were meet with general derision, leading to Northstar and Kyle having the comic world’s big gay wedding of 2011. The story even inspired a same-sex wedding in a comic book store to celebrate the event.

Hulkling and Wiccan in Avengers: The Children’s Crusade

The kiss between these two Marvel teenagers was seven years in the making. Best seven-year itch ever!

Batwoman and Maggie Swayer in Batwoman vol 2. To Down the World

After her short romance with Det. Montoya, Batwoman moved on to Det. Maggie Swayer. Their smooch was as endearing as it was important. Media buzz for Batwoman was a near constant, from her coming out as a lesbian to her proposal to Maggie to DC comic’s refusal to allow her to marry.

Green Lantern and Sam in Earth 2 #5

The Green Lantern of Earth 2 not only came out but also quickly kissed his cute boyfriend in the same issue. But after all the media spectacle that went down around this, cute Sam died.

Lightspeed and Lucy in the Sky in Avengers Academy #38

The former child superhero from Power Pack grew up to be an out lesbian who, instead of fighting with Lucy in the Sky, ended up complimenting her, dating her and a planting a big wet one on her. Nice work, Lightspeed.

Kevin Keller and Devon in Kevin Keller #10

Following Kevin’s marriage in 2012 (in a what if-style series called Life with Archie) he and his boyfriend peck in his solo title. It was a chaste, yet touching little smooch.

Wolverine and Hercules Kiss

Hercules and James Howlett in X-Treme X-Men #10

In an alternate universe, Hercules and James Howlett — the golden-clawed Wolverine of another earth — celebrated a battle with a sexy kiss. A sweaty, hairy, hot kiss.

Prodigy and Hulking in Young Avengers vol. 2 #8

With Wiccan’s boyfriend away Prodigy plants a big wet on his gay teammate Hulking —they were on a break, but still!

Valkyrie and Annabelle Riggs in Fearless Defenders #1

The Asgardian warrior accepted the warm lips of archeologist Annabelle Riggs in the heat of battle. Though Valkyrie isn’t a lesbian she never expressed an issue with the Sapphic move. She’s cool like that. Perhaps she felt so comfortable with Riggs because they shared the same body.

Bunker and his BF in Teen Titans #30

Bunker and his sexy, chrome-dome teenage boyfriend got their French on in the final issue of Teen Titans. As kisses go, it was pretty tame, but heck, we aren’t complaining.

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