Top 5 Gay Superhero Couples

Dru the Intern
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Dru the Intern

February 25, 2014
9:21 a.m.

Everyone knows I love comics, and today I am here to share with you my favourite Gay Superhero Couples!! These people make me happy every night, knowing that I can have superpowers and still love my man. Ah, to fantasize…

1) Apollo & Midnighter



Apollo and Midnighter are THE the perfect couple. They totally compliment each other. The details that DC write for this couple are flawless. The journey of their love started in “The New 52”, which changes Apollo and Midnighter’s world. I love their story arc and how they got together-within a year. It is a romantic, epic tale which leads to a great final issue. You have to read it yourself to experience the storyline and the well written, in-depth emotions of their story. They also look damn fine in their costumes!

2) Northstar & Kyle



Kyle is perfect for Jean-Paul (NorthStar). The storyline between the both of them is touching. As a heavy follower of X-Men, I am happy to say that NorthStar finally getting married is the biggest achievement ever, since 1992, when he announced that he was gay. NorthStar finally found the perfect person to complete him after Aurora sadly lost her powers.

3) Wiccan & Hulkling



Wiccan(Billy) and Hulkling(Teddy)- the power couple for modern, gay, young lovers. The Wiccan and Hulkling story line is considered to be the gay geek life come true. Meeting the perfect boyfriend, who happens to save your life when you were teased in High School. Then realizing both of you have super powers, you rebel against the world and try to discover each other through the hard times. Sounds like a dream come true I would say.

4) Sam & Alan Scott (Green Lantern)

Image: his image provided by DC Entertainment shows a page from the second issue of the company's "Earth 2" comic book series featuring Alan Scott, the alter ego of its Green Lantern character, who is revealed to be gay.


DC reintroducing GreenLantern with a new boyfriend… this was a huge surprise, even from me. I didn’t expect that Earth 2 was going to change that much. I did enjoy the story arc a lot though, giving him emotion within that world.

5) Shatterstar & Rictor



Saving my favourite couple for the end. Shatterstar and Rictor are the best gay couple ever created. A short and small storyline in the back, but with strong emotional ties for the fans. This story arc leaves all the gay geeks wanting more,  especially since Rictor has his powers back now from the Children Crusade story arc.

Did I miss anyone? Which superheros would YOU like to see together? Vote for your favorite couple here:

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