Uganda’s Anglican Leader Says Gay Bishops Are A ‘Spiritual Cancer’ ‘Infecting’ The Church

Dan Littauer
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Dan Littauer

August 15, 2013
9:39 a.m.

KAMPALA, Uganda — Archbishop Stanley Ntagali, the head of Uganda’s Anglican Church of Uganda, said that gay bishops are a ‘spiritual cancer’ and do not belong in the Church.

Ntagali, speaking at a press conference at his residence on Namirembe Hill on Tuesday, stated that the idea of having gay bishops is ‘unbiblical decision’ and is ‘tearing apart’ the Anglican faith.

“There were many attempts by the primates of the Anglican Communion to bring discipline to the American Church, but they were not implemented. And so the spiritual cancer has spread,” he said.

The Archbishop added, “It has infected the Anglican church in Canada, the Church of England, the Scottish Episcopal Church, the Church of Wales, and even the Anglican Church of Southern Africa,” reported the Daily Monitor.

The archbishop said the Anglican Church is built on the doctrines of biblical teaching that only recognizes heterosexual relationships, rejecting the decision by England’s House of Bishops to ordain gay bishops.

Ntagali, who was appointed to his new role last year, said that he has reached out across Anglican leaders throughout East Africa and Nigeria, who will together oppose the issue of gay bishops ordination during the Global Anglican Future Conference to be held in Nairobi, Kenya, this October.

Uganda’s proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill, dubbed the “Kill the Gays” bill, aims to penalize “aggravated homosexuality” — consensual same-sex acts committed by “repeat offenders,” anyone who is in a position of power, is HIV-positive, or uses intoxicating agents, i.e. alcohol, in the process — with capital punishment.

The bill is now listed as number eight under “Business to Follow” for 2013.

Richard Lusimbo, of Sexual Minorities Uganda advocacy group told me, as a reaction: “It’s so disheartening to hear a leader of a church taking a path of discrimination contrary to what Christ himself taught.

“His speech was calculated to put pressure on Uganda’s Parliament  to table a vote on the Anti Homosexuality Bill.

“Clearly, the new leader of Uganda’s Anglican Church is positioning himself in this statement and working together with the Evangelical lobby that has actively campaigned for, and helped authored, the bill.”

British human rights campaigner, Peter Tatchell, stated: “This is a continuation of the Church of Uganda’s long-time hostility towards gay clergy and LGBT people.

“Many of the Archbishop’s followers and colleagues stirred the homophobic witch hunt that led to the Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

“Ntagali claims to be a Christian, yet Jesus Christ never once condemned same-sex love. Homophobic discrimination, whether by the church or anyone else, is not a Christian value.”


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a spiritual cancer? wow that is a new one… “and so the spiritual cancer has spread”. speachless.