About Me

I am a petite college student with a filthy mind just can’t seem to get big dicks off his mind. I would just fucking love to find some horny pervert with his dick out in the parking garage :) Seriously if I found you a parking garage with your dick out,
and you gestured me to get in...I would because im a dumb submissive college boy who wants to learn how to suck a cock. I am not looking to get fucked until i’ve hooked up with the person couple of different times The upside is that I am a virgin and you would be getting the opportunity to pop my cherry, I desperately want to find someone that’s dirty minded manipulative perverted vocal verbal big hairy tall kinda pushy total top type that gets off on the idea of taking advantage of me(ex. you pick me up for the first time at night and when I’m sitting in your car in the passenger seat you grab my hand and place it on your crotch). I am really filthy minded just not interested in (scat, piss, kissing, no versatile)

So...who wants to teach a desperate curious little bitch :)

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