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Plz be within 50 miles if you want to chat. I speak english and german. I am quiet, not overly friendly to strangers. I like sweepstaking, reading French and German and libraries. I am low-income, homeowner and I owned an old dented truck which is not working and a bike and motorcycle which were stolen. I live in a house. I have attended RCC, ISU, University of Illinois at UC, University of Hamburg and Millikin University. I do not like sports or cats. I do like dogs. I am not religious. I wear glasses. I like to travel. In 2005 three month vacation in Germany. 2007 Italian Mediterranean cruise and a trip to DisneyWorld Florida. 2009 Orlando, FL. In 2009 and 2010 I went on two gay Caribbean cruises aboard Carnival Freedom. I am not religious. I have a motorcycle license and I had a Ninja 250. I have a dog and a car but I am not a taxi service.

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