About Me

If you want to laugh… be respected…Enjoy good times…. travel a bit… and simply have a good friend…then contact ME !!
1. I’m not looking for just sex.
2. I’m not here because I’m destitute.
3. I’m not here because I’m desperate.
4. I’m not here to find a wife had one for 22 yrs I need a male partner in life.
5. I’m totally an independent, single father of 2 grown girls and two needy grandchildren. They’ve all got a mother … no need for another.
6. I don’t need you to help me deal with my baggage, that I have done years ago…and my baggage will never become yours.
7. I don’t think I’m better than others … just different.
8. I worked hard for my money, I served this country both unofficially and officially and I don’t need welfare cases.
9.Just because I’m 50.. don’t think I’m an “old man” in my “midlife crisis” … I am a well groomed, great smelling, super hip, hot assed dancer 💃 that's a "sexy mature man.”
10. Just because I can’t spell … don’t think Im dumb.
11. If you are only 18 … don’t think I’m to old for you.. Ill show you what real lust … aa … love is. Ha Ha
12. Just because I prefer 5* hotels … don’t think I can not camp in the bush under the stars.
13. Don’t think because Im wearing a pink shirt and pink undies … I’m gay .. I’m just comfortable with myself beeing sensitive and I’m in touch with my feminine side.
14.Just because I drive nice cars … don’t think I’m a manizer .. I only share with the ones I love.
15.Because of all this … don’t think I’m full of s*t … I’m actually peaceful .. and laid back.
For the next 15 … ask me.. 🙂
SO…if you can look past my big ears .. .live with me having a surname [removed] …and be a good fun loving, adventurous, friend to fwb to LTR possibly… then contact me!

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