About Me

I skateboard, I smoke weed, I love art I do graffiti, I love exploring abandoned and haunted places, I write music, I love sleep, i listen to (rap, rock, metal and edm) I'm emo, I'm top and bottom, I had and want more piercings, I'm finna get some tats and some face tats, I vape, I used to smoke cigarettes (Newport 100's) still do sometimes, I drink liquor, I prefer dark instead of light, etc... hmu if u wanna kno more. I am top and bottom, I love sucking dick, i love getting anal penetrated, and demolished, I love getting nutted on, I love getting my dick sucked, I love giving anal, like I said I'm top and bottom 😛👅⚣🍆🍆, I love getting nutted in whether its in my ass or in my mouth 👅👅

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