Wednesday Guyd: Name That Ass!

Jorge Gallegos
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Jorge Gallegos
Social Media Manager & N.Y.C. Community Manager
December 14, 2011
8:37 a.m.

Name That Ass

With the body of the hottest villain around and the beauty of the cutest superhero in the galaxy, today’s guy is your ultimate comic-strip hottie.

Name That Ass

His super powers come from the yoga spirits, and the brushes of wisdom from the primary colors. In addition to that he possesses magnificent strength as a result of kick boxing. But, like any other superhero, he has some weaknesses, and this guy’s “Kryptonite” is pancakes. 

We’ve seen this 25-year-old model fighting the flashes of Tony Duran, Keremy Kost & Ruven Afanador, and teaming up with Von Dutch and Buckler swimwear to bring sexiness to this planet.

 name that ass     
If you don’t recognize his distinctive tattoo, you must be blinded by his masculine beauty.    


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